The Modern Story





After moving from New York to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona in 2005, lifelong health and fitness enthusiast Steven Koeppel spent the next decade immersed in the much healthier west coast lifestyle. Steven was a frequent visitor to a variety of west coast fitness facilities with more progressive offerings, as well as healthy fast casual food establishments that were in abundance. While visiting New York and many other places, he realized how many years the east coast lags behind the west in health, wellness, fitness and healthy delicious food. Steven set on changing this with his return to New York to create The Modern Improvement Club, spending over two years meticulously developing every detail of this modern concept. Steven has always been the go to guy for all things health and wellness, and he thrives off improving the lives of others. The Modern makes this possible on a much larger scale.

Established in 2016, The Modern Improvement Club® offers a modern twist on traditional offerings. Our forward thinking mindset and west coast vibe are evident in everything we do, including the design of our stunning facility in Syosset, NY. Great music, amazing instructors, unbelievably delicious low-calorie smoothies, healthy treats, fabulous activewear, friendly staff and a beautiful spotless facility.

Classes are for women and men of all levels and ages. Our primary fitness offering is Hot Flow Yoga in a perfectly heated and humidified environment, with great music throughout. Our proprietary sequence burns 600 to 800 calories in just over an hour, while providing a full body, toning, fat burning, detoxifying, cardiovascular workout, including multiple hip openers, core and abdominal exercises. It's guaranteed to be different than any yoga, hot yoga or exercise you may have imagined or experienced elsewhere. There's no chanting or standing on your heads here - just a kick-ass workout with fun music pumped up at times! In addition, our fresh air exchange system, ultraviolet air purifiers, and toxic free construction materials ensure a spotless, sanitary, odorless and safe environment. The fresh purified air also helps to avoid the light headed feeling some encounter in most fitness studios due to little or no air circulation and elevated carbon dioxide levels. Women's and Men's spa like locker rooms with lockers, showers and amenities are available for your convenience.

We've also created The Modern version of other popular styles, including Heated Total Body Sculpt (not yoga), a full-body toning and cardio enhancing fusion workout, also set to fun music.

All classes are led by highly skilled and talented instructors who make every class special, and rewarding. Memberships include all our fitness offerings so you'll never have to limit yourself to just one!

Our delicious and nutritious low-calorie Smoothies can be pre-ordered at class check-in, and so can Fat Burning Antioxidant Iced Tea, and Mocha Iced Protein Coffee, so it's ready and waiting after class.

The Modern Smoothie Bar is open to everyone. Choose from 38 guilt-free, dairy-free and mostly gluten-free, low calorie (under 250) flavors, including favorites such as Oatmeal Peanut Butter Banana, Acai Coconut Banana, Strawberry Banana, Coffee Ice Cream, and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie. You're in for a treat!

Our offerings wouldn't be complete without a fabulous assortment of activewear and casual wear for women and men, plus the highest quality holistic supplements, so we've got those too!

Experience The Modern way and let us prove how we will quickly make you fitter, healthier and happier!