Stu H.

I never took a yoga class in my life! I was looking for a new workout facility and I wanted to see what The Modern was all about. I visited one afternoon and after the "grand tour" I decided to come back that night and take not only my first yoga class ever, but a hot yoga class at that! I was amazed at how I felt afterward! I've since taken hot yoga multiple times a week and just started taking the Total Body Fit workout. Best workouts ever!!! I have been to gym classes in the past but Hot Flow Yoga and Total Body Fit are not like any gym class I've ever attended. The classes are high energy with the instructors demonstrating the moves and shouting directions over some very motivating music. By the end of class I was sweating so profusely that all of my articles of clothing and my yoga towel were totally soaked! I felt so energized after the workout that I keep going back for more! The facility is immaculate. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. There are 30 or more flavors of healthy, low calorie smoothies that I use as a meal replacement after the workout. Fills me up until lunchtime or even dinner time if I take a later workout. I belonged to a conventional gym for 15 years but I finally found a workout I like. I've lost weight and changed my eating habits so as not to defeat the benefits of the workout. The Modern is clean, comfortable and inviting. It's nice to sit and relax after the workout, enjoy an iced tea or a smoothie, chat with the staff and cool down before heading home. The locker room and shower facilities are first class. The Modern not only describes the innovative workouts and tasty smoothies, it also describes the overall architecture and decor. I've since signed up for unlimited monthly classes and have become a regular at The Modern Improvement Club.