Build muscle and burn fat in Hot Flow Yoga

Steven Koeppel

Our founder, a Long Island native, has a diverse and interesting background. After selling the last of his car dealerships, for which he was the operating partner, in early 2005, Steven moved with his wife and children to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Later that year, Steven founded Scottsdale Jean Company, which would quickly become the most well known and largest Arizona based retailer of designer jeans and clothing.

As someone who is constantly seeking to elevate his body, conditioning and nutrition to a higher level, Steven quickly immersed himself in the much healthier west coast lifestyle, including the more progressive fitness and healthy food offerings.

By 2009, Steven was experiencing chronic pain and stiffness resulting from twenty-five years of martial arts and many years of competitive car and cart racing. A friend who had experienced similar debilitating back and shoulder issues dragged Steven to a class offering a newer style of hot yoga. It was much different than the few yoga classes he had attended previously, which he found to be slow and unenjoyable, with little relief from the pain and stiffness he suffered from. This new style of hot yoga was an active full-body workout, including cardio, and there was great music to make it fun. Steven was instantly hooked and this practice became part of his regular exercise routine. He was soon feeling healthy enough to resume full contact fighting, weight training, and other activities he had been unable to participate in due to his stiffness and injuries.

Wanting to increase his knowledge to further his yoga practice and it’s benefits, Steven later completed an intensive Yoga Alliance sanctioned instructor certification program. As the training concluded, he began teaching whenever his busy schedule allowed, infusing his colorful personality, diverse taste in popular music, and a level of detailed instruction not found elsewhere. Steven also continued to regularly attend classes.

Steven has always been an entrepreneur who thinks outside the box, so when he visited New York each year and was unable to find anything similar to the style of hot yoga that was so enjoyable and beneficial, and popular on the west coast, the wheels in his head began to turn. He also had difficulty finding delicious smoothies and healthy treats that were not loaded with calories and sugar (and were gluten-free, which he required). It was during one of these trips in 2014 that Steven decided it was time to return home to New York to pursue this opportunity, combining multiple progressive fitness concepts, a Smoothie & Coffee Bar, healthy food and snacks, and exceptional activewear in such a way no one had experienced elsewhere. Over two years was spent meticulously planning every detail while searching for the ideal location. The Modern Improvement Club® was born!

In addition to overseeing every aspect of The Modern, Steven spends many months (and continually thereafter) training each of our exemplary instructors, who lead every class with tremendous energy and an unprecedented level of detailed instruction.