Modern Etiquette

To ensure your time with us in our classes, and that of others, is as enjoyable as possible, we ask that everyone follow these simple etiquette tips below. For instruction on how to prepare, what to bring, suggestions what to wear, and other information relevant to our classes, visit our Class Descriptions page.

  • Arrive early so you can get settled in! It's stressful for you to rush and disruptive to others when you arrive after class has begun. If you're stuck in traffic, or something else prevents you from being punctual, give us a call and we'll let the instructor know to expect you. We're happy to set up a mat so you can walk right into class with minimal disruption.
  • Let your instructor know prior to class if you must leave early, have injuries that may inhibit your practice, or anything else that is relevant to your participation.
  • Observe proper hygiene since smelly people stink (now that's a pun!). Apply deodorant, keeping in mind that 'natural' products are antiperspirants and rarely effective as deodorants, no matter what the label states. Mats, yoga towels, hand towels and clothes require cleaning after each use and should be retired if they still smell after washing.
  • Avoid perfume, cologne and scented lotions, if possible, since the scent may be magnified in the studios and off putting to others.
  • Use clean equipment. If your yoga mat and/or towels look or smell like they were left on a dusty shelf for a long time (where most unused equipment is), you can always rent a freshly sanitized mat and towels for just a few dollars. We also have a large selection available for purchase. Mats can be gross and dangerous, harboring bacteria and other organisms that may be harmful to your health and others.
  • Cell phones are prohibited in our studios. If there's the possibility of an urgent call, leave your phone and instructions with our front desk and we can alert you during class, if necessary.
  • Handbags, backpacks and other items are also not permitted in the studios and should be locked in our lockers (with user settable combination locks). We also have cubbies available outside our studios. Please silence your phone's ringer prior to placing it in the cubbies or lockers.
  • We keep our studio floors (and everything else) as clean as possible, so shoes, flip-flops and other footwear is never allowed inside the studios. Grip socks (available at The Modern or bring your own) are required for Heated Body Sculpt for safety and optional for Hot Flow Yoga.
  • Footwear should be always worn outside the studios, including the locker rooms. Store footwear in the cubbies or shoe racks before entering the studios.
  • Do your best to follow the instruction and prompts of our instructors during class to achieve optimal results and decrease the likelihood of injury.
  • If you are performing movements in our yoga classes that are not part of our sequence, we ask that you practice in the back row so you won't disturb others.
  • Keep hands, feet, and all other parts of your body, off the mirrors and walls in our studios (and anywhere else they don’t belong).
  • Refrain from talking to others during class when inappropriate. Grunts of joy and singing along quietly to the music are permitted but try not to overdo it!
  • We sweat a lot in our Hot Flow Yoga and other heated classes and LOVE it! We'll happily clean up your sweat left behind in the studio using an eco-friendly disinfectant after every class. Upon exiting the studio, have a towel or change of clothes ready to avoid creating puddles on the floor, chairs or anywhere else for safety and sanitary reasons. We hope you'll hang around in our comfortable lounge area, by yourself, with friends or other members, and enjoy a refreshing, delicious, low calorie Smoothie or other treat. It's the best way to replenish and reward yourself for a job well done, without any guilt!
  • Finally, just have fun and enjoy your time with us - and the results!