Concierge Mat & Towel Service

Do you sanitize your mat and towels after every use, removing odors, bacteria, mold, and other harmful organisms? Leave the dirty work to us and enjoy your time exercising contamination free using premium equipment! It makes The Modern experience even greater - who could imagine that?!

Never again shlepp your yoga mat, skidless mat towel and hand towel - and then leave them moist and festering in a bag until you thoroughly clean them (if you actually do). Take advantage of our Concierge Mat & Towel Service and we'll provide a premium Manduka yoga mat, Yogitoes non-slip skidless mat towel, and hand towel for each class. We thoroughly sanitize everything after each use so it's always clean and smelling fresh. You can also rent a mat or towels if you already have one but not the other.

Concierge Mat & Towel Service is available for just a few dollars or can be included with your membership.