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Carolina Bermudez (103.5 KTU, Dr. Oz, The Today Show)

My friends at work tell me I glow since I started- that’s enough to keep me practicing! I look forward to classes at The Modern because each instructor has their own vibe and playlist - the music keeps me pumped! Read more....

Rich B.

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Unbelievably awesome class tonight! I never felt so energetic as this after a yoga class. The entire studio and surroundings are inviting, clean and welcoming. This is what a hot yoga studio is all about. Simply wonderful!!! I'm in. Read more....

Constance M.

I am greeted with the warmest hello every time I walk in to The Modern. The instructors are all excellent. They are meticulously trained and follow a sequence for every class. For someone like me who is a classic type ‘A’ personality, I love the structure and knowing what to expect. The entire facility is spotless, and the studios have a state-of-the-art heating and humidification system with plenty of natural light, which elevates the entire experience. I love the ambient blue light, pumping music and (especially) the refreshing chilled lavender towel at the end of every class. I benefit so much mentally and physically having these 68 minutes just for myself. The Modern sequence coupled with the heat provides the intensity I need to release endorphins. It’s my favorite way to start the day! Read more....

Randi C.

The Modern has changed my life! I absolutely look forward to the classes. This is coming from a 60 year old woman who never exercised. The space is immaculately clean, the staff is cheerful and very helpful. The sessions are invigorating with great music and terrific instructors. No judgement, just encouragement! Thank you! Oh, and the smoothies are amazing! Read more....

Gayle B.

I feel at least 10 years younger since starting! It has allowed me to slow down, de-stress, and disconnect from my fast-paced life. I must admit I never thought I would like hot yoga and the 100+ degree temperatures. I always took classes that involved a lot of jumping, kicking, punching - anything fast paced.

Jacqueline P.

The energy is amazing, from the time I walk in and throughout the entire class and after. The instructors are superior. It was my first time taking a yoga class like this and I always walk away energized, happy, and centered at the same time. I love The Modern!! Read more....