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Dana G.

I was new to hot yoga. Previously I've run marathons, did barre, run miles on the treadmill, and took spin classes obsessively...that kind of stuff. There's nothing else that's ever made me feel like The Modern's Hot Flow Yoga. My muscles feel stronger, leaner, more powerful, and I'm more defined. After a short time practicing, my daughter asked if my back hurt anymore because I had stopped complaining of soreness in my back. She often tells me I need to relax by taking a class at The Modern when she notices I'm stressed! Read more....

Andrea E.

LOVE this place! The staff is great, place is super clean, the hot yoga studio has special ventilation and lighting to make the class even better. Flow yoga classes are hot, challenging and you walk out feeling like a new person. And they have the best, healthiest smoothies you can get. Oh, and the cold lavender-infused towel at the end of the class is 'the cherry on top'! Namaste Read more....

Natasha M.

I never considered yoga a workout since it was too slow paced until a friend told me I must try the Hot Flow Yoga at The Modern. Now I’m totally hooked and can’t imagine my exercise routine without it! Read more....

Peter R.

I’m definitely more toned and flexible, which makes me feel better all over, with less pain and stiffness. My golf game has improved as well due to the improved range of motion in my arms, legs, hips, back, and overall flexibility. My cardio is also better. Read more....

Gayle B.

I feel at least 10 years younger since starting! It has allowed me to slow down, de-stress, and disconnect from my fast-paced life. I must admit I never thought I would like hot yoga and the 100+ degree temperatures. I always took classes that involved a lot of jumping, kicking, punching - anything fast paced.

Kimberly M.

I have realized a noticeable increase in my flexibility. When I started, I was barely able to touch my toes. Now I can stretch beyond them. I have also noticed an increase in my core strength and my body is more toned. Additionally, I have been sick less and felt much healthier overall, which is important considering my kids have caught more colds and viruses this season. The detoxification benefit is extremely helpful in this regard. Read more....

Allie S.

This place is like no other. I used to hate to workout and now I get excited to workout as often as possible! All the classes they offer are amazing but I love the Total Body Fit and Hot Flow Yoga so much. I am a beginner and I took my first hot yoga class ever and loved it more than anything!! The instructors and entire staff become your friends and the place is super clean and beautiful! I also can't forget to mention the delicious low carb smoothies they have that are delicious!! I have brought so many of my friends here and everyone has fallen in love with The Modern as well! Read more....