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Register for your Free First Class and experience how quickly we will make you fitter, stronger, healthier and happier! Expect to see and feel results almost immediately, whether just getting started or already very fit and active. In addition to the amazing fat and calorie burning, plus toning and strengthening benefits, you'll perform multiple movements and stretches designed to open the back and hips, greatly reducing or completely eliminating tightness and pain throughout the entire body. You will realize a remarkable improvement in the way you feel all over, and perform if you're involved in other sports or activities, plus greatly reduce the likelihood of injuries throughout the body. Our classes are for women and men of all levels and ages, and our team will ensure your every visit is an experience unlike any other!

You can pre-order one of our delicious low-calorie, sugar and carb protein Smoothies and have it ready and waiting after class. View our menu.

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Jacqueline P.

The energy is amazing, from the time I walk in and throughout the entire class and after. The instructors are superior. It was my first time taking a yoga class like this and I always walk away energized, happy, and centered at the same time. I love The Modern!! Read more....

Rich B.

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Unbelievably awesome class tonight! I never felt so energetic as this after a yoga class. The entire studio and surroundings are inviting, clean and welcoming. This is what a hot yoga studio is all about. Simply wonderful!!! I'm in. Read more....

Rosie F.

Amazing studio! I have never felt so welcomed in a place like I do here. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The class was incredible and their smoothies are amazing! I would definitely recommend The Modern to anyone looking to do a hot yoga class. I will most definitely be returning back here. Read more....

Gayle B.

I feel at least 10 years younger since starting! It has allowed me to slow down, de-stress, and disconnect from my fast-paced life. I must admit I never thought I would like hot yoga and the 100+ degree temperatures. I always took classes that involved a lot of jumping, kicking, punching - anything fast paced. Read more....

Kimberly M.

I have realized a noticeable increase in my flexibility. When I started, I was barely able to touch my toes. Now I can stretch beyond them. I have also noticed an increase in my core strength and my body is more toned. Additionally, I have been sick less and felt much healthier overall, which is important considering my kids have caught more colds and viruses this season. The detoxification benefit is extremely helpful in this regard. Read more....

Allie S.

This place is like no other. I used to hate to workout and now I get excited to workout as often as possible! All the classes they offer are amazing but I love the Total Body Fit and Hot Flow Yoga so much. I am a beginner and I took my first hot yoga class ever and loved it more than anything!! The instructors and entire staff become your friends and the place is super clean and beautiful! I also can't forget to mention the delicious low carb smoothies they have that are delicious!! I have brought so many of my friends here and everyone has fallen in love with The Modern as well! Read more....