As we begin to slowly resume some of our regular activities, the risk of transmission remains a serious concern, including while attending classes or exercising at many gyms and independent facilities. The lack of adequate social distancing and sharing equipment, whether it be weights, spin bikes, treadmills, Pilates reformers, rowers, or any equipment used by others, has, and will, continue to be a transmitter of sickness. It is very challenging at most other facilities to consistently and thoroughly sanitize equipment, especially when shared during a class or busy time, or sufficiently cleanse the air we breathe, enhancing the spread of viruses and germs. Read on to learn why The Modern has always been the safest place to get fit & healthy.

We have always believed that providing a safe, clean, and sanitary environment is something we will never compromise on. This first thing most anyone who has ever visited our facility notices how diligent we are in maintaining a spotless facility. We exert tremendous effort constantly cleaning and sanitizing, employing dedicated cleaning staff, so no major changes have been required to deal with this current situation.

  1. Our advanced Ultraviolet Air Purification System utilized throughout our facility, including in our studios, is extremely effective in eradicating airborne germs, viruses, odors and bacteria. We utilize extra powerful air handlers that constantly circulate and sanitize the air inside our studios and facility.
  2. Class sizes have been greatly reduced to 12 (was previously 40), with at least 8' to 9' between everyone, in order to maintain safe distancing.
  3. Our fresh air exchanger pumps in freshly oxygenated air from outside, that is then heated and purified, keeping the air fresh and helping to avoid the lightheaded feeling that is common is many hot yoga studios due to an abundance of carbon dioxide (what we exhale). A high concentration of carbon monoxide displaces oxygen in the air, often causing symptoms such as labored breathing, a rapid heart rate, disorientation and fatigue.
  4. Everyone utilizes their own equipment, or ours, which is thoroughly sanitized after every use. Equipment is never shared during any class, nor does it (or you) come in contact with others.
  5. Floors and surfaces throughout our facility are sanitized frequently.
  6. There is not a single known incident of the virus being spread through sweat.
  7. We monitor everyone entering and will not allow anyone in to our facility or classes who exhibits any signs of sickness, including any of our team members. Masks are required throughout our facility (except during class).

Rest assured that we always have and always will go above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience, including never having to worry about your own safety, health, or the lengths we go to in order to maintain a safe, spotless, and sanitary facility.

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We look forward to keeping you fit, healthy & happy for a long time to come!

The Modern Family