The Coronavirus has everyone concerned with staying healthy. Although the Coronavirus does not pose a major threat to the majority of those who are in good health, nobody wants to worry about such things as we enjoy our daily activities, including classes, smoothies and shopping at The Modern.

For those who continue exercising during these perilous times, attending classes at large gyms or independent facilities, the risk of transmission remains a serious concern. Sharing equipment, whether it be weights, spin bikes, treadmills, Pilates reformers, rowers, or any equipment used by others, has, and will, continue to be a major transmitter of germs and sickness. It is very challenging for most other facilities to consistently and thoroughly sanitize equipment, especially when it is being shared during a class or busy time, thereby enhancing the likelihood of spreading viruses and germs. No equipment is shared during our classes, nor will you come in contact with others.

We have always felt that providing a safe, clean, and sanitary environment is something we will never compromise on. Anyone who has visited our facility will acknowledge how clean it is, and the effort we exert in keeping it spotless at all times, so little change was required to deal with this current situation.

First, our advanced Ultraviolet air purification system utilized throughout our facility, including in our classes, is extremely effective in eradicating airborne germs, viruses, odors and bacteria. This virus is not spread through sweat.

Second, each person attending our classes utilizes their own equipment, or ours, which is thoroughly sanitized after every use. Equipment is not shared during any class, nor does it (or you) come in contact with others. Floors and surfaces throughout our facility are sanitized after every class.

Third, we have reduced the amount of people allowed in our classes so that there is ample space between everyone.

Finally, we have not encountered this issue due to the sensibility and consideration of those who visit us, but we will not allow anyone into our facility or classes who exhibits any signs of sickness. Our Modern staff has always been told to stay home if they're not feeling well.

Rest assured that we have always and will always go above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience, including never having to worry about your own safety, health, or the lengths we go to in order to maintain a safe, spotless, and sanitary facility.

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