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In 1 Day You'll Feel It

In 2 Weeks You'll See It

In Four Weeks You'll Hear It

Our story is about more than just health and fitness. It’s about the experience. Inspired by a West Coast lifestyle, we established the Modern Improvement Club® as a place to empower others with our forward thinking approach to holistic health and wellness. We’ve created the most effective total body workouts with our Hot Flow Yoga and Heated Total Body Sculpt, set to fun music and targeting muscles in many ways, burning 600-800 calories in every class! We add a fun and modern twist to traditional styles and pump it up with great music and energy! Our modern day style has Bikram origins but is so much more! The advanced heating and humidification system utilized in our studios, including ultraviolet air purifiers and a fresh air exchanger, creates the most ideal sanitary, mold, toxin and odor free environment, with special lighting to enhance the ambiance. With our Modern style, skilled instructors, and a stunning, spotless facility, we’re offering our community a health and wellness experience unlike any other that will quickly improve your body, health and happiness.

Our Smoothie & Bulletproof Coffee Bar is open to everyone and serves power items including healthy and unbelievably delicious low calorie (under 250) protein Smoothies, that are low in sugar and carbs (only 5 Weight Watchers points) and loaded with vitamins and minerals, plus Bulletproof Coffee, fat burning antioxidant Iced Tea, and Chamomile tea, along with freshly packaged heat and eat nutritious meals, and tasty snacks. Top it all off with a large selection of fabulous activewear.

The Modern Timeline: In 1 day you'll feel it. In 2 weeks you'll see it. In 4 weeks you'll hear it.


Just a few of the rave online reviews. Click here for more.

Becky H.

I was traveling for the holidays and was lucky enough to find this amazing studio to practice at for the week. I have traveled the world practicing yoga and this class blew me away. Steven is absolutely amazing and the class design is unique and incredible. I am absolutely obsessed and you really feel the difference in one day! The staff is so welcoming and make it a point to get to know you. I would recommend this studio to anyone! I wish I lived here so I could take advantage of this amazing studio all year round! Hopefully they expand to SF! Read more....

Suzanne R.

I am getting leaner every week. My whole body feels stronger and more flexible. Since starting my hips and lower back aren’t as tight - my lower back always bothered me from working on my feet all day. Read more....

Bill C.

I’ve been practicing yoga and hot yoga for 10 years, in practically every state and many countries around the world, and have finally found what I’ve always dreamed of. The Modern Improvement Club offers the best facility and hot yoga environment, as well as the most dynamic and most well sequenced hot flow yoga. Every class is a full body workout unlike any other and I leave feeling refreshed and energized. My absolute favorite is the cold lavender towel they place over my eyes at the end of every class. I pre-order my smoothie prior to class and it’s waiting for me after, providing the perfect post workout treat. The Modern is a must try! Read more....

Dana G.

I was new to hot yoga. Previously I've run marathons, did barre, run miles on the treadmill, and took spin classes obsessively...that kind of stuff. There's nothing else that's ever made me feel like The Modern's Hot Flow Yoga. My muscles feel stronger, leaner, more powerful, and I'm more defined. After a short time practicing, my daughter asked if my back hurt anymore because I had stopped complaining of soreness in my back. She often tells me I need to relax by taking a class at The Modern when she notices I'm stressed! Read more....

Peter R.

I’m definitely more toned and flexible, which makes me feel better all over, with less pain and stiffness. My golf game has improved as well due to the improved range of motion in my arms, legs, hips, back, and overall flexibility. My cardio is also better. Read more....

Kimberly M.

I have realized a noticeable increase in my flexibility. When I started, I was barely able to touch my toes. Now I can stretch beyond them. I have also noticed an increase in my core strength and my body is more toned. Additionally, I have been sick less and felt much healthier overall, which is important considering my kids have caught more colds and viruses this season. The detoxification benefit is extremely helpful in this regard. Read more....

Natasha M.

I never considered yoga a workout since it was too slow paced until a friend told me I must try the Hot Flow Yoga at The Modern. Now I’m totally hooked and can’t imagine my exercise routine without it! Read more....

Laura G.

I love The Modern!!! The energy is incredible. It’s clean as anything and the smoothies are fabulous. I drive all the way from Smithtown just to get my hot yoga/smoothie fix! Read more....


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